We are the newly elected SImonton Elementary Parent and Teacher Association Board and our goals are to appreciate teachers, motivate students and support parents by staying committed to the Georgia PTA mission and vision.

PTA Vision

Every child's potential is a reality.

PTA Mission

To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

PTA Purpose

  • To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, places of worship, and throughout the community;

  • To raise the standards of home life;

  • To advocate for the laws that further the education, physical and mental health, welfare, and safety of children and youth;

  • To promote the collaboration and engagement of families and educators in the education of children and youth;

  • To engage the pubic in united efforts to secure the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of all children and youth; and

  • To advocate for fiscal responsibility regarding public tax dollars in public education funding.

Georgia Congress of Parents and Teachers (Georgia PTA)


Georgia PTA serves as a link between the national organization within the state. A person who joins a local Parent Teacher Association automatically becomes a member of National PTA and Georgia PTA.

Georgia PTA represents 300,000 members at the state legislature, state board of education and other education and child focused organizations; provides support and training for local PTAs through workshops and publications; coordinates special projects to promote the welfare of Georgia's children and youth, and much more. 

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Simonton ES School Website

Visit the official school website here. Like the school official Facebook page here.

Georgia PTA Website

Learn more about Georgia PTA here.

National PTA Website

Learn more about National PTA here.

Local PTA

The PTA at the local school level is linked to the state PTA and National PTA, forming a nationwide network of members working on behalf of all children and youth. 

At Simonton our goal is to partner with our school principal, teachers, parents, local community leaders and businesses to make Simonton PTA a model unit within the Central Gwinnett Cluster.  

President - Ms. Pia Poitier

(1ST) Vice President - Ms. Kim Briscoe

(2ND) Vice President - Ms. Candace Bentley

Treasurer - Mrs. Irlanda Williams 

Secretary -  Viridiana Hernandez

Flyer / Event Coordinator - Mrs. Kendra Black 

Volunteer Committee - Ms. Gabby Perez

Reflections Chair- Ms. Debjani Saha

Call Us: 770-800-7804   /   SimontonPTA@gmail.com   /  www.SimontonPTA.org

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